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Asset Protection Basics
With a recession, and potentially a depression on the horizon, we may be looking at history repeating itself. Learn how to protect your assets and income through ownership, LLCs, and Asset Protection Trusts by clicking "Read More" on the bottom right.
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How to Create Tax Efficiency on Your Income: Tax Efficient and Distribution Strategies
How tax efficient is your retirement income? Are you giving the IRS way more than you have to? Are you deploying the five rules of GAMMA to optimize your income? Join Ken Himmler and learn how to use GAMMA to reduce your tax and increase your net income by clicking "Read More" on the bottom right.
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Virus and Market Update as of 4-27-2020
Join a weekly update session with Ken Himmler as he dives into a timely discussion regarding the virus and its impact on the market. Click "Read More" for more market updates during the time of the virus.
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Trusts Part II - Advanced
Learn about the funding, operations, and management of a trust. Ken will dive into how to keep your protective documents up to date, accessible, and working so that when they are needed they actually work. Click on "Read More" for more!
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How to Annuitize Your House
This webinar will reveal the truth about reverse mortgages and show you how to use your house to tap equity, increase income, and even build more wealth. Click "Read More" to learn more.
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