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IRA's and the Secure Act
Ken will review how the new Secure Act changes your RMDs and especially how your beneficiaries could be sitting on a tax time bomb. Join Ken Himmler as he reviews more about this change and the actions you can take to protect your family assets by clicking on "Read More" on the bottom right.
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Options to Wash out Tax From Your IRA: Tax Reduction Strategies for Retirement Plans
Learn how to use a low interest mortgage to access your IRA with little to no tax. With interest rates at an all time low, taxes soon exploding with our multi-trillion dollar bailout, you'll need to learn how to move money out of tax deferred vehicles. Click on "Read More" to learn more!
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The Self-Directed IRA - Benefit or Audit Risk?
Promoters have encouraged buying businesses, real estate, and even gold with your IRA. Now get the truth about what a self-directed IRA really is, and the risks that come with it. We will review the alternatives and discuss the options. Click "Read More" on the bottom right to learn more.
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Ken Himmler Drives Through Vegas Ghost Town 
Click Through To Watch Video (Read More) at bottom right
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Distribution Strategies Under Corona Recession 
With the market down 30% and predicted to go down by 50%, what is the best strategy to distribute income? If you are retired, do you use dividends or reinvest? Do you start selling shares at a loss? Do you accelerate income from IRAs? Do you utilize life insurance or annuities?
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