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How to Create Tax Efficiency on Your Income: Tax Efficient and Distribution Strategies
How tax efficient is your retirement income? Are you giving the IRS way more than you have to? Are you deploying the five rules of GAMMA to optimize your income? Join Ken Himmler and learn how to use GAMMA to reduce your tax and increase your net income by clicking "Read More" on the bottom right.
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Options to Wash out Tax From Your IRA: Tax Reduction Strategies for Retirement Plans
Learn how to use a low interest mortgage to access your IRA with little to no tax. With interest rates at an all time low, taxes soon exploding with our multi-trillion dollar bailout, you'll need to learn how to move money out of tax deferred vehicles. Click on "Read More" to learn more!
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Income Tax in Retirement
For years, Congress has attacked the retiree with tax, even after promising no increase in tax rates. Join Ken Himmler for a backstage look at how to reduce income tax during the distribution stage of your life by clicking "Read More" on the bottom right
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