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Beware of the Annuity under Coronavirus Crisis
Under our Crisis, many people want to go to cash, gold or buy an annuity, don't do it before watching this video Click on the read more in the bottom right
28.03.20 03:50 AM - Comment(s)
Distribution Strategies Under Corona Recession 
With the market down 30% and predicted to go down by 50%, what is the best strategy to distribute income? If you are retired, do you use dividends or reinvest? Do you start selling shares at a loss? Do you accelerate income from IRAs? Do you utilize life insurance or annuities?
22.03.20 10:07 PM - Comment(s)
 Emergency Actions With Your Real Estate - With Ken Himmler
With a potential 40% or more drop in real estate - how do you protect yourself as well as take advantage of the times. In the last 10 years, many people have forgotten about the last real estate bust and have bought private REITs, and have incorrectly structured mortgages.
22.03.20 09:32 PM - Comment(s)