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We provide our clients access to eMoney. Simply click on the button, answer a few questions.  First, you'll see your retirement score, then we will set up a new account and get you the log in.  The provisioning of your account usually takes 24 business hours.  If you apply over the weekend, expect an invitation no later than the following Tuesday.  This will allow you all of the functionality that you see in the videos on our page.  There is no cost for the access, however this does not come along with any financial advice. 

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If you would like us to help you set up your eMoney account, there is a fee of $29.00. This would allow you one hour with one of our advisors to walk you through the set up and to help you enter all of your information.  

If you would like assistance, please click on the button below and schedule a time. 

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How We Use eMoney with Financial Planning

An overview of our eMoney platform that we use to help implement your plan.