What is eMoney?

eMoney is a personal financial website that helps us meet your financial goals. This page contains links to resources to help you understand and utilize the eMoney website to its fullest. Consider this a learning library of sorts in regards to the eMoney tool. If you have any specific eMoney questions that these resources do not address, please contact your financial advisor. If you have a login and would like to log in, please find a link in the button below.

Personal Finance Website Overview

Learn more about the features available on your personal financial website.

Take Control of Your Financial World

Learn how you can use your Personal Financial Website to take control of your financial world.

Interactive Planning

With our interactive planning technology, we won't tell you how your decisions will affect your financial future, we'll show you. 

The Distribution Center

Learn more about the Distribution Center, where you can see a personalized story of your estate that you will leave behind.

The Decision Center

Learn more about how we work side-by-side with you to understand the financial imoact your decisions have on your financial plans.

Vault Overview

Learn more about the Vault, an easy way to secure, organize, and access important documents all available online at any time and any place with internet access. 

Answers on the Go

Your personal financial mobile website provides you with anywhere access to view your investments and accounts - all from your mobile phone.

Safe and Secure

Learn more about the security protocols in place on your Personal Financial Website that help ensure your personal information is safe and secure in eMoney.

A Guide to Getting Started

See how you can get started with your Personal Financial Website on your own in just a few easy steps.

Get Started Checklist

Prepare for your first meeting with this checklist to help you get the most out of eMoney and the most out of meeting with us.  

Setting Goals

Setting goals can be a tough task, but it is an important step toward securing your financial future. See how eMoney can help.

Your Goal Tab

Learn more about the interactive goals tab in your Personal Financial website to add financial goals and track your progress toward funding those goals.  

Setting Up Connections

This guide walks through the process of setting up connections on your personal financial website so you can see an updated picture of your accounts in real life.

Spending Overview

Learn more about how you can monitor and manage daily cash flow with the spending tab within your personal financial website.

The Organizer

Learn how you can connect your financial decisions to the people and things that matter most and how eMoney can help.

Stay Aware with Alerts

Learn how to set up and personalize alerts on your personal finance website to help you stay on top of everything relating to your finances.