What To Bring To Your First Meeting 

What To Bring For Your First Meeting:

  • A Copy of your Most Recent Tax Return:
    • Please provide all forms and statements in their entirety.  Worksheets tell our advisors how the supporting numbers are derived. Without these documents, we may be unable to accurately diagnose your potential to reduce tax or obtain refunds from prior years. If you would like to upload your tax returns please download them with our secure link here. (Click Here) 

  • Copy of your Most Recent Investment Statements:
    • Please provide the statement that shows the type of account (IRA, ROTH etc). Please assure that the statement is not simply a web shot of the summary of your accounts.  Without the actual positions, the cost basis, the number of shares owned and the type of account, there is no way to determine risk, cost and tax location optimization.  If you would like to upload your statements to our secure link here. (Click Here) 

  • ‚ÄčCopy of your Most Recent Trust, with any Amendments:
    • Please provide the actual trust. Many times people only provide the Certification of Trust.  Unfortunately this does not provide the tax language, the distribution restrictions and many other important items that our lawyers will need for their review. 

  • Any of your Insurance Policies and Annuities:
    • Life insurance, health insurance, long term care insurance, annuities.  Please have ready or upload the most recent statements. 

  • Complete a Fact Finder:
    • In order to get a more comprehensive picture of your financial goals please fill out one of our fact finders prior to your meeting so we can get a clear picture of your financial goals. (Click Here for the Fact Finders)