How to Annuitize Your House
This webinar will reveal the truth about reverse mortgages and show you how to use your house to tap equity, increase income, and even build more wealth. Click "Read More" to learn more.
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Virus and Market Update as of 4-21-2020
Join a weekly update session with Ken Himmler as he dives into a timely discussion regarding the virus and its impact on the market by clicking "Read More" on the bottom right.
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IRA's and the Secure Act
Ken will review how the new Secure Act changes your RMDs and especially how your beneficiaries could be sitting on a tax time bomb. Join Ken Himmler as he reviews more about this change and the actions you can take to protect your family assets by clicking on "Read More" on the bottom right.
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Options to Wash out Tax From Your IRA: Tax Reduction Strategies for Retirement Plans
Learn how to use a low interest mortgage to access your IRA with little to no tax. With interest rates at an all time low, taxes soon exploding with our multi-trillion dollar bailout, you'll need to learn how to move money out of tax deferred vehicles. Click on "Read More" to learn more!
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How to Best Protect Against Long-Term Care and Health Care Catastrophies
Today, with more than 70% of people needing or already using long-term care at an average cost of $78,000 a year, there is a financial bomb on the way! Click on "Read More" on the bottom right to learn how to compare your options.
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