What is Tax Alpha?

Most  financial advisors will attempt to outguess or out game the markets.  Statistics have shown that no one, not even companies with millions of dollars of research and sophisticated trading technology can consistently outperform the markets. 

Warren Buffett made a bet to a Hedge Fund that they could not outperform a standard index (Read about it here) and the Hedge Fund Lost. 

If you cannot outperform the markets, then how can you earn more and risk less? 

1) Learn how to hold onto more of what you earn

2) Learn the most efficient method to distribute assets

Tax Alpha

Using technology, we can model investment portfolios to take advantage of the tax rules. By using the 


1) Location Optimization

2) Tax Swapping

3) Tax Harvesting

4) Strategic Withdraws

5) Bifurcated fee deductions

6) Tax Selected Retirement Account Deposits

(Read Morningstar's Analysis of how GAMMA can potentially impact your net rate of return) 

Our Goal

By using technology and increasing your Taxficiency score, we strive to reduce your risk while still obtaining the same net rate of return you would have received with a higher risk portfolio 

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