One Map Hub

Learn about our unique process to creating a sustainable financial future. 

One Map Hub was created after our founder, Ken Himmler, had practiced as a financial planner for over 30 years. After being frustrated with what he calls "a broken financial industry," he created One Map Hub as a process for working through the steps to achieve a totally integrated financial plan. 

Our Process

When is the last time your CPA, Your Lawyer, Your Financial Advisor and your Insurance Agent all sat around one table, at one time to develop one plan for your financial future? 

Most people have to go to each of these advisors, then connect the dots themselves.  This is why we call the financial system "Broken",  You would have to be an expert in estate planning, asset protection, investment management, tax planning and insurance.  

To work with us we have a defined process to allow both firm and client to know if it will be a mutually beneficial relationship


1) Discovery meeting 

This is the first step and can be done either in person or by phone.  We allow up to a 60 minute complimentary meeting to see if there is a reason to work together. 

During the discovery meeting we will review your trusts, income taxes, asset protection, investment risks and expenses as well as your overall plan and distribution system. 

Once we understand what you are trying to achieve and what you are doing now we can develop a Gap Analysis.  This analysis will show 





2) CBA  Cost Benefit Analysis

Once we determine the DOS,  we can determine what the cost would be to fix, improve or protect.  As an example, if we charge $5,000 to complete a plan , but that saves you $15,000 every year in tax, then it would be worthwhile to work together.  However,  if based on the amount of work we see, it would only save you $5,500, then we would tell you it may not be worth the time or energy to move forward. 

3) Mutual Agreement

If after the Discovery Meeting, the DOS Report and the CBA report is done we can find a basis to work together, then you and the advisor will have to have a mutual agreement that it is beneficial for a working relationship.  If that common ground is found, then a working agreement is created based on your specific plan. 

Our Investment Management Strategy

The Bucket Strategy is based on the historical volatility of different types of investments and the goal to distribute income in the most efficient and tax effective method. 
"Don't try to create a fixed income stream on a volatile investment base!" 
Ken Himmler